Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Saturday!

Today has been good. Not super. Nothing too exciting. But good.

We had a basketball game for my 6 year old. I matched up about 15 pairs of socks. Ate roast from the crock pot. Watched some tv.

Normal stuff.

I also wiped noses. Butts. Did some dishes.

Normal stuff.

And I did it all sober. Without the lightness that used to come with a glass or two of wine.

And I'll do it again tomorrow.

Happy Saturday~


Kim A. said...

A simple routine was never something I had before Alanon. The little day-to-day stuff is what I am grateful for now. I don't have to wipe butts anymore but the doggies leave me presents sometimes. I'm not grateful for them :-D


Anonymous said...

I totally agree girl! I love doin the normal family things day in and day out - sober. When I did them drunk, I never knew if I'd do the day to day things angry or happy drunk. Now I can guarantee that the day to day family things will get done in a light-hearted, friendly way with no alcohol involved.

Take care & hope to ttys!

Hugs - Annette