Saturday, January 9, 2010


Tonight I am going to my sponsor's daughter's wedding. I spent part of the day Thursday decorating the dance hall, it is going to be gorgeous. There will be a band and my husband and I are going to get to dance. I haven't been dancing in longer than I can remember.

I {love} to two step with my husband. I used to really enjoy dancing to fast music, too. After a few drinks. This goes back to the how do I do this sober? Why do I do this sober?

Weddings were always a lot of fun for me. I got to dress up. And generally there was free alcohol. What could be better?

So the first wedding I went to last year while sober was a little awkward. Even when I wasn't supposed to be drinking in public [because of my job] I always managed to drink in the car before hand or sneak [so I thought] glasses of wine.

Last December I went to a wedding sober. I went to the reception sober. Then, horror of horrors, I danced sober. Honestly, I didn't like it. I felt very self conscious and awkward. I wish I could say it got better, that I felt more comfortable, but I really didn't. I enjoyed the slow songs, dancing with my husband. And while there was a group of my friends dancing to the fast music, all sober, I tried and failed to have a good time.

The next sober wedding was better. The only problem this time was the copious amount of diet coke I drank. I was up all night!

But compared to the nights after receptions that I came to around 3 or 4, totally unaware of my surroundings or unsure of how my dress came off, I'd take caffeine insomnia any time.

So tonight will be another sober wedding. There will be no alcohol served at all. We'll all be dancing sans social lubricant. I'll let you know how it goes.

What are you doing tonight?
Happy Saturday~


Kim A. said...

I won't be dancing but am glad you will be! I'll be tucked under my blankets working on a web design for a client. My dad, at 73, went jitterbugging on NYE. I hope I can too when I hit 73. You all have fun fun fun!


Anonymous said...

Both my boys have basketball games & then I'm going to an 8:00 p.m. meeting - but you go have yourself an excellent time - I love weddings too - it's the only time I can get my hubby to dance with me!

Have fun! XO - Annette said...

I once heard dancing sober called "sober soles" I thought it was really cute! Great post! I think ever sober person goes through that awkward dancing for the first time sober moment. Thanks for sharing. I love weddings also!! Emily