Saturday, March 12, 2011


So my cousin came over yesterday to ask me a few questions. He has a roommate who he thinks may have a drinking problem. We sat outside in the gorgeous weather and talked for awhile, it was enjoyable. The conversation moved towards our family, our shared heritage and the very obvious role alcohol plays in many people's lives with whom we are related.

Then he said something that really surprised me at first. He said that many in my extended family don't believe I am an alcoholic. That he has overheard comments and people think I am over reacting or something.

I was surprised at first, then quickly understood. In order for my family to recognize I had a problem, they would have to also look closely at their own relationship with alcohol. It made me again so grateful for my sobriety and I offered up a prayer for them, for their safety and for their families.

I also have to consciously choose to not judge them or spout off about what I think so and so needs. I know, I KNOW, that sobriety cannot be forced on anyone and that it is for those who want it, not those who need it. And I must also guard my thinking that I don't start doubting myself whether or not I had a drinking problem. The evidence is all over my journals from the last two years and from the stories and stories I could tell.

Yes, my name is jamee and I am an alcoholic.
yet, there IS hope~