Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dance Hall Bathrooms

I live in Texas and I like to two step. In college and early on in my marriage we went dancing quite a bit. We also just plain went out a lot. Drinking. In bars. Sports bars. Dive bars. Mexican restaurants. Thinking back, I cannot imagine how many dollars we spent on beer. Don't even want to calculate!

When I drink I also have to pee. I think my bladder must be the size of a kiwi fruit. Have you ever heard of 'breaking the seal'? Like hold off on peeing as long as possible because once you go you have to keep going? I have another story about that, but will post later in the week.

Anyway, back to the bathrooms. I am not a germaphobe by any stretch. But gas station bathrooms do gross me out. However, once I was drinking apparently little things escaped my attention. Bar bathrooms must have been one of those things.

One time I was at a complete dive and drinking whiskey I believe. At some point I must have realized I was going to throw up. I did this often when I drank. Never phased me and made the hangovers a little easier to deal with the next morning.

This particular night I stumbled my way into the tiny, two stall bathroom and puked in the sink. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. A girl looked at me and asked "Did you just throw up in the sink?" I made some smart aleck remark and headed back out into the bar.

Puke and rally.

That is just disgusting. Ugh.

Last night I went to a charity event at a local dance hall. I was really looking forward to two steppin' with my husband. All my diet coke made it to my bladder and I went to the bathroom. I flushed with my boot and as soon as I washed my hands I texted my sponsor and another friend: {Um, bar bathrooms are gross when you're sober.}

Yeah, I've come a long way, baby.

happy Sunday~


Anonymous said...

Love this post!!! However, I think you've got one up on me as far as the puking in the sink - never done that, but have puked on the floor and in my car - thankfully we can look back and laugh about this stuff! But I agree - the bar bathrooms look TOTALLY different sober! Great post - have a marvelous Monday & a great week!

Hugs - Annette

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