Monday, January 4, 2010

Fun times-

Tonight I went to a surprise lingerie shower for my sponsor's daughter. I nearly had an anxiety attack in the pajama dept at Target. I settled on some tiny boxer shorts with a long sleeve t.

I started thinking about previous lingerie showers. Bachelorette parties. Party buses. Dancers who like $1 bills. Shots. Penis balloons.

Totally started freaking out. How does one do this sober? Why does one do this sober?

I arrived with two friends and the bride to be was only mildly surprised. She seemed genuinely glad we were there. The hostess had us play a little game where we made the bride a wedding dress out of tissue paper and scotch tape. We all laughed a lot and it was fun.

Then we ate some snacks, drank decaf coffee and laughed at the dog's silly hair cut while hanging out in the kitchen.

We moved into the living room to open the gifts. There were a few racy ones, {mine was very tame} and the last gift she opened was cheetah thong underwear from her aunt. More laughter and fun.

The married women made veiled innuendos and it was really laid back and easy to be there.

The thing that sticks out the most was the laughter.

Another sober event done! Another successful fun time sans alcohol, when previously I couldn't of imagined such a time. Oh, the Lord is good!

What did you do while sober today?
Happy Monday~


Kim A. said...

Sounds the girls had a fun nite! I don't do thongs...ever. Glad it went well for you.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Kim - no thongs allowed in my house! But sounds like a ton of fun (the party). I agree - a lingerie party w/no booze - I'm not ready for that yet - but maybe someday - it'll definitely be "different" to say the least! Today I had lunch w/my sponsor, took down x-mas decorations, laundry, groceries (in anticipation of the big blizzard we're supposed to get tomorrow) and had dinner w/my family - ALL DONE SOBER! Glad to see you're keeping up daily w/your blog - I really enjoy reading & commenting. Look forward to chatting with you again soon! Hugs - Annette

P.S. I think I'm startin to get this - I went to 2 meetings back to back last nite & really got a lot out of both.