Monday, December 21, 2009

My kids-

I have three babes. A 1st grader, kindergartner and 2 1/2 yr old........not too hard to imagine why I drank ;)

I am grateful my children are still young. I am hopeful they won't even remember that I ever drank.

But I am not going to hide the fact that I drank from them. Much, ok, all of their extended family drinks. I cannot drill into their heads that alcohol is evil or that people who drink are bad. I can just imagine the next family dinner when my 6 yr old comes to the table and informs my mother that indeed she is killing her brain cells with each glass of wine.

Yeah, wouldn't go over well.

So, what am I going to tell them? How much information is too much? How much knowledge is necessary for power?

It is very clear to me that alcoholism runs in my family. And to a much lesser degree, my husband's. So I must inform them of the dangers. I want to live in such a way that they realize life is such fun and completely fulfilling without alcohol. I cannot forbid them to drink, I wouldn't want them to drink simply out of rebellion.

However, I will be honest enough with them about my experiences that it seems unattractive and not worth the momentary buzz. I will strive to be age appropriate and not give them more than they can handle, nor sugar coat things way past the right time.

This is a journey and I will ask others who have gone before me what worked for them and what didn't. I will spend many hours in prayer and ask the Lord to direct my steps.


What do you think you'll tell your children?

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Mine are 14 and 9, it is amazing to me that the 9 year old remembers almost nothing about me being drunk. It also amazes me how perceptive children are, then know so much more than we think. When I talk about alcoholism and what it looks like and feels like they can say names of other people with drinking problems. So I quickly had to explain to them that we let each person decided if they have a problem (even if we know they do) What I have noticed is that when they get all the info. they need they kind of tune me out and change the subject. After I did the Driving while buzzed campaign I explained to them not to get in the car with anyone who is drinking. I understand that it is really hard for a kid to call an adult out, so I just told them to call me and I would pick them up. My family also had got this disease all over it, but I try to let the disease speak for its self. You are a really good writer!! Have a great day, Em