Saturday, December 26, 2009

Garbage in, Garbage out-

So..... I didn't take a drink last Tuesday when I wanted one. I sent a text to my sponsor and another friend and went to a gathering at my in laws. Once more folks got there I had to focus on my kiddos {and not MYSELF} and the urge passed.

Wednesday morning I woke up still in a bit of a funk. I was grumpy and short tempered and basically very sad that I was feeling this way during the week of Christmas. I came into the season so full of joy and hope and excitement.

My husband came home at lunch time and asked if I wanted to go for a run.

No! I didn't want to go for a run. Then I somehow remembered that fresh air often makes me feel better {Thank you Lord, for the reminder}. I put on my fast runners and went for a quick 2 mile loop. While I was out I prayed. I apologized, confessed and prayed for a different attitude.

You know what? It worked!

And the Lord revealed to me why I was so funky the last two days.

Tuesday afternoon my mother in law took the big kids while the baby napped. I took a shower and turned the tv on. There was a reality show called Bad Girls Club on. Have you ever seen this show? Oh my. But I kept watching. These young girls had some drama going on and were drinking and it was like a train wreck. I couldn't stop watching. I was sucked in to 3 episodes.

At one point in the the show they were throwing a lingerie party and drinking a ton. I am still unclear what a lingereie party actually is but during the show two of the girls went upstairs to make out while their boss watched them. And the cameras, too, obviously.

I kept watching. I was irritated when my 2 year old woke up from her nap and I had to turn it off.

Ugh, makes me sick now to even think about it.

But another sick part of my brain wanted to drink. To feel that light headedness I wrote about in my earlier post.

Funked up my attitude for like 24 hours.

Once I realized that during my run, I felt much clearer and decided to be a grown up and not watch crap like that again.

Garbage in, Garbage out-

Happy Saturday~


Prayer Girl said...

Welcome to my blog. I always appreciate meeting new bloggers when they comment and/or become followers.

I liked this Garbage in, Garbage out. I learned long time ago that whatever I put my attention on, will end up in my brain. If it is in my brain and I'm thinking about it, it will affect my attitude.

So....isn't it wonderful that you were able to learn that lesson?

Again, welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! It's Annette - told you I was following your blog too!!! I feel your pain! Sometimes I watch series like that - The Hills, some of the Real Worlds, Jersey Shore - and yes, it makes me feel like a cocktail . . .or 2 or 3 or 4. We're in the same boat woman - we need to throw these pieces of garbage out!!!