Friday, March 5, 2010


This was a super long week. On Tuesday my mother in law was not elected to the office she was campaigning for. My most favoritest cousin came to visit for 5 days. And last night I gave my testimony at my meeting.

It was such a freeing time. It feels so good to finally be honest. At the end of my drinking I was leading such a double life that the deception was eating me alive. And it happens no more. I really thought I'd be more nervous. I had read it aloud to my sponsor on Weds and she thought it was good as it was. I made it bigger font, printed out another copy and headed up to the meeting.

My name was big on the program. People wished me luck. My armpits started to sweat. But I bowed my head and prayed with the group before I started and the Lord blessed my time. My words were generally easy off my tongue and I didn't get too choked up. And when I finished I looked to my sponsor and she was crying. Oh how I love her!

And then it was over!

I am tired from all that has transpired this week and am planning on hitting the hay rather soon. The husband is playing poker {blecht} and he is getting a ride home, so I may just move the clean laundry off the bed and crawl in.

Thank goodness for Saturdays!
Happy Friday~


Robin said...

Oh, such a huge moment, I am so glad it went well. You should be proud. I'm happy for you!

Anonymous said...

So so so happy for you.
Love you so!
~ S.

Anonymous said...

Didn't make it last night. Hubby was really irritated with me. I obviously did some really stupid things, but don't quite remember.

Ugh. said...

Super Proud of you! Sounds like you had a very busy week! Make sure to spoil yourself a bit, you deserve it! Em

Anonymous said...

Why don't you update?

mommaof3 said...

Anon 1:34-

Try again! It took me numerous attempts at getting sober before I finally sought the help I needed.

There IS hope!