Saturday, March 13, 2010

Looking back-

This is an entry from my prayer journal, March 13, 2009:

O my God- You have done great things. In me. For me. In spite of me. Thank you for continuing after me, for not giving up. For thinking I am worth more than being a 31 yr old alcoholic. Thank you for the good time with Dr. Q on Weds. It is going to be a tough journey and I will need so much help, but I really want to break through some of this.

That was one year ago. I have made progress, and I am still on a tough journey. But many things have gotten easier. And I have needed so much help, but many have been willing to stand beside me.

I am blessed.

Happy Saturday~


Kim A. said...

Looking back and seeing progress helps me know that no matter what, this too shall pass! Have a blessed weekend.


Robin said...

Hang in there. I keep looking at the fine print to make sure I didn't miss the part about how easy this is supposed to be, but I can never find it...

Robin said...

I saw your comment the other day about how I came to know Him (sorry, I went out of town for a few days). I did post a little bit about it ( but I didn't go into too much detail because the person who was talking about it with me is my boss, and just in case I didn't want to publish anything about it. But after talking with him for over an hour, I went back to my desk, and this peace rushed over me. I sat there, unable to move, just mesmerized, soaking in all the talk about Jesus. Later on the drive home, it hit me. If my boss loves me enough to share this with me, just think how much God loves me for sending my boss to talk to me. And from then on I believed. I am grateful every day that he gave me my faith. This has been such a beautiful thing, sometimes it's too much to express. Ya know? :) Thanks for asking, it is so exciting to be where I am today. :)