Monday, March 8, 2010

Bouncy Ball

That is totally how I felt today.

Yesterday I woke up in a funk. Happens occasionally. Had some nagging doubts about the day before and they didn't leave overnight. Went to church. On the way I saw the runners in the local half marathon. I started crying. Really crying. I honked my horn, knowing that the particular part of the course I was driving was really really hard, having run it last year.

Went into church. Kinda kept to myself. Which is not like me. Felt teary eyed for no particular reason. After church I brought the babes home and the husband went into the office for a few hours. I changed into pjs and crawled back into bed, wishing I could stay there all afternoon.

Instead an hour later I changed back into church clothes and went to the visitation of a friend from high school's grandmother. Cried the whole way there. Really, what was with me yesterday? After the visitation we went as a family to a team party. It was fun and I got to hold warm sweet puppies.

After the party I went to the grocery store and started crying AGAIN. I texted my sponsor and she told me to come over. With my trunk full of groceries, I did. We talked for a few minutes, then knelt over her ottoman and she prayed. I listened and dripped snot.

Takes a true friend to let you drip snot on her ottoman!

Came home, went to bed and when I woke up this morning all was new. I was happy, joyful even. Singing with my kids, not yelling at all. And the good mood lasted all day and I am still feeling it right now as I make dinner. Nothing else is different. My kids are still fighting. I am still running late. But I am happy.

I enjoy the highs of my mood swings, but wish they were not preceded by such funky lows.

How are you today?
Happy Monday~


Robin said...

This is a PERFECT story for a Monday. My Monday is more like your Sunday so I'm hoping my Tuesday is like your Monday. Or something.

Robin said...

I was just thinking that yesterday my kids' attitudes were driving me insane. So much so, I wasn't sure how I would make it through the day.

This afternoon, they were acting the same exact way, and I caught myself laughing several times over it, while I could see my husband fuming over their craziness. How does it change so much from day to day?

I'm glad all was well for you today. :) And I'm glad you had your sponsor to go to.

Kim A. said...

When those times come I have learned to just be kind to myself and know they will pass. I hate it when I can't put a finger on the "why" but sometimes it just is. I am so glad you worked what works1


michelle said...

so it didn't click in my head today that this is the same person (as your other blog). I have some posts on this topic ( your blog)...not this actual post...that I have been too chicken to put out there. but I think they are coming soon.
at any rate...i've been there.