Saturday, February 20, 2010

Splash de limon`

I am sitting in my dining room listening to Julie Andrews sing "Just a Spoonful of Sugar" and drinking lemon water. And I am content.

A little frazzled, maybe.

But not agitated. Or goofy. Or slipping further and further into a buzz that would lead to sleep whether I wanted it to or not.

At the end of my drinking I was into sangria. My husband would buy big jugs from the grocery store and I poured it into mason jars to sip. Mmmmm.......still sounds good. But after two glasses, er, jars of my sauce I didn't much care about anything else.

My kids could eat whatever they wanted. The dishes could sit until tomorrow. Things I'd said I'd do could definitely wait til later. The stress of the week seemingly slid away as the cool juice slid down my throat.

I must remember how it used to be.

Because it must never happen again.

Happy Saturday!

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Kim A. said...

Right back atcha!!