Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten things I haven't done-

Ten things I haven't done since I quit drinking

*Lied at work
*Laid awake at night, hating myself
*Made a roadie in a sonic cup
*Taken alcohol from my inlaws
*Driven with my kids in the car, risking their lives and many others
*Had a conversation about a conversation I didn't remember
*Ingested hundreds of empty calories
*Passed out on the couch
*Drank enough before a social event that by the time I got there I was already quite toasted
*Thrown up

What haven't you done?
What will you do today?
Happy Tuesday!


doggielover said...

that is a great list, I think a lot of people can relate!!

Robin said...

Oh wow. Today I haven't had a drink. That's the best thing. AND today I will remember to hug my daughter and remember how grateful I am to be sober. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

wow! great list,, so true!

just found your blog and look forward to reading along w/ you as i work on my sobriety,


Robin said...

hahahahha, I LOVED "had a conversation about a conversation I didn't remember."

I haven't stressed over my parenting skills. The inner dialogue alcohol brought along is gone, so I haven't cried myself to sleep about being the worst mom ever.