Friday, April 23, 2010

Making a choice-

I had a few hours of a funk this week. I felt crummy, not ill, just out of whack. As I drove to work on Wednesday I could feel the actual physical struggle, fighting between a good mood and a bad one. Good won out until about 3 pm.........then came the clouds.

I tried to shake it off, came really close, then became frustrated again by my first born. We ran the errands we had to run, I made dinner, visited with the grandparents, watered the yard, gave baths, yada yada yada. All evening I kept swiping frozen pb cups and popping them in my mouth. I had 10, easily.

I emailed a friend yesterday morning, proud of myself for choosing pb cups over sangria. Yes, that is progress, but still not a particular healthy coping mechanism. At my meeting last night I brought it up and we talked about what was healthy or ok to do in times of stress and agitation. Prayer, deep breaths, a walk. Why don't those things seem possible in the moment?

A wiser woman in my group reminded us that everything is a choice. Drinking is a choice. Being sober is a choice. And really, being grumpy or joyful is also a choice.

I read a quote yesterday morning that I need to print out and tape to my fridge:

"It does not have to be well with my circumstances to be well with my soul" Jennifer Rothschild.

Agree or Disagree?
Happy Friday~


Robin said...

Why don't they (walks) seem possible in the moment? Such a good guestion. In the middle of frustration, I NEVER want a walk. But it would be so much better! Good insight from your meeting. Now prayer I could definitely do. I need to remember to do that more often. It always helps. :)

Robin said...

Oh, i so agree... with all of it, including how hard it is in the very middle. I am always convinced it will NEVER pass and gloom, gloom, gloom.

Shannon said...

Agree x 1,000. Happiness and crankiness are both a choice- one we have to make every single day!