Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 on Tuesday

Ten things I did today-
-Bought a rose bush
-Planted flowers around my tree
-Applied sticky applique words to the bathroom wall
-Unpacked a box
-Grilled hamburgers
-Went for a bike ride with my oldest daughter
-Wrote a mission statement
-Ate an ice cream sandwich
-Kissed my husband
-Wrote in my journal

One thing I did not do today-

How bout you?
Happy Tuesday~


Julianne said...

Your appreciation for "ordinary" actions is touching. It reminds me of something the priest at my mother's funeral said about her. She did "ordinary things with extraordinary love". It is that type of character for which I strive.


Robin said...

The one thing you diDIDN'T do added greatness to all of the things that you DID do. Good job. :)