Monday, December 13, 2010

looking back-

This past week or so I have been reflecting on the last 727 days. Much has changed. Much has been clarified. I have been re-reading journal entries from the last two years and reveling in the grace of the Father....

Here is a prayer I wrote in July of this year-

Dear Heavenly Father- I thank you for the grace you have shown me, for the love you have given me and for the safe place you have brought me. I am Your creation and I desire to live a life that is a pure reflection of your spirit. When I am wrong, please let me promptly admit it and help me to be a strength to others, a beacon to them, drawing them near to you. Thank you for the wise people you have placed in my life who love You and love me and that are able to be a guiding force in my life. Allow me to pass that on to others. Lord, please protect me from the enemy, allow me to quickly see his schemes and to cling to You and flee from him. Lord I ask you to provide an outlet for this amazing grace I have been given and that you would also protect my heart from the sin of pride. I am anxious to share all I have been given, boldly and without shame. Thank you thank you thank you for your provision and abundance. Please cover my family and keep us in your arms. In Your Most Holy and Precious name I give you all things- Amen.

2 years is a long time and it is also a blip on the radar of eternity. And for that I am grateful.

There IS hope~

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