Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pray for me-

 I recieved this text message the other morning:

     "I forgot to tell you today that on my way to work this morning I prayed that you would see yourself as God sees you;  completely scar free!"

Wow! How neat to read that first thing in the morning as I stumbled out of bed to get ready for boot camp at 4:55a. My friend had sent it at 11:13 pm the night before, long after I was asleep. The buzz of my phone didn't wake me up, like it sometimes does. And I don't always check my phone before boot camp (Though I was glad I did the morning Kel decided to stay in and I decided to go back to bed, too).That is the beauty of text messaging. Unintrusive and direct.

The message prompted a prayer of thanksgiving in response. I thanked God for this woman He has so purposely placed in my life and for her obedience in following the cue of the Holy Spirit to pray for me. Because we've all felt it, the little nudge or flash of memory of someone or some situation we know about. Often times I bet we even say a quick prayer. How often do we let the person know we have done so?

I think the logical next step is to do just that. Not for praise or reward. But to encourage and fortify those who have been prayed for. This message let me know that others are sincerely praying for me. That message gave me wise counsel 'that I would see myself as God sees me, scar free'. That message prompted me to also pray.

I encourage you to follow through on your prayers. When you feel led to pray for someone, by all means, do it. Then let that person know you prayed for them. It will make a difference. It will touch a heart.

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