Sunday, July 18, 2010


My husband and I had a good talk tonight as we walked the babes to the park. Yea!!

We came to the same conclusion - I am dangerously close to addicted to email and FB. Therefore I am unplugging my computer and taking it to the garage in the morning.

Drastic? Yes. But so is the harm that could come to my face to face relationships.

I'll be back. I just don't know when.

Yet, there IS hope!

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Anonymous said...

I'm gonna miss you terribly, but I get it & understand....I think i might have to take a break soon too - between your blog, Em's blog, FB and my e-mail...I'm spending waaaayyyyy too much time on my computer....and as of late, have found that FB can really get ya into some trouble if you're not careful. Take care, get well with your hubby & I hope to hear from you again - you're the best....I'll think of you every time we celebrate a birthday on the 16th of every month!

Big Hugs - Annette