Sunday, November 29, 2009

What I do instead-

After my first babe I tried to run a little. I was following a walk to run program and just couldn't stick with it. Then I found out I was pregnant with #2. Yep, #1 was 3 months old.

After #2 I ran a bit. Pushing a double jogger really ups the ante!

After #3 I ran a bit more. A bit further. About a month before my last black out I ran a 5K with two friends. I then decided to run a half marathon.

13.1 miles.


I printed off a twelve week training schedule and started running. And running. And running some more. I was blessed with 2 friends who shared a 1.5 hour window of free time with me and we committed to running together. 12 weeks later we ran 13.1 miles together.

Running was such a great focus for me to have besides drinking. And because I was no longer ingesting hundreds of calories from sangria and I was running 15 or so miles a week, I quickly lost weight. I liked the attention I was getting. I couldn't come out and say I was getting sober, but I could share the fact that I was running, training for a half marathon.

The morning we ran 9 miles in training was the most accomplished I have ever felt. It was 2 months after my last drink. I still remember sitting in church and just basking in the complete joy I felt.

No guilt. No headache. No regrets.

I still run. I am not fast. I am not consistent. I like a little walk mixed in with my run. The same way I like a little cream mixed in with my coffee and the same way I used to like a little sprite mixed in with my vodka.

Yep, running is helping me out.

Now I am training for a race in February......

What do you do?

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