Sunday, April 15, 2012

Could have been-

Last night I woke up at 1:30a. My tongue felt fuzzy and huge. I realized I had fallen asleep before every one else in my family, not even saying good night to my husband, leaving him to put our three kids to bed.

As I went to the kitchen to get water I was slightly irritated with myself for falling asleep so unintentionally. Then I realized how different it could have been. I could have been drinking wine all evening and passed out at 9:15p. My tongue could have felt thick and fuzzy because I was still slightly drunk. I could have stumbled into the kitchen, frustrated, then purely angry with myself for having too much to drink. Again. After I swore I wouldn't. I could have crawled back in bed, praying, bargaining, begging God for forgiveness yet again. Been there, done that.

But no, that was not the story last night.

Yesterday morning my 8 year old and I ran in a local 5K. Then I took him for baseball team pictures and met my husband and two daughters at the soccer fields. I spent the afternoon helping a dear friend run errands because she is still mourning the loss of her brother and her brain is too overwhelemed to pick out mylar balloons. I had a full, full day.

So did I unintentionally fall asleep too early last night? Yes. But did I pass out because I had been drinking? No. I am still sober.

And there IS hope~

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