Thursday, April 28, 2011

there IS hope~

On Tuesday I was asked to share a devotional with my Bible study group. I have been studying with these ladies since October, though I can't say I know any one of them supremely well. I decided I would share a little of my story. I would come clean with them. I would announce my alcoholism. And then I would share the changes that have occurred as a result of my obedience to the Holy Spirit and my 12 step program.

As I boldly spoke about my disease and how confession and each step has helped me, I noticed a woman crying across the circle. A few ladies had teared up, I could tell, but this woman was weeping. As we talked after my sharing she told me her father was drinking again. He was back to his old tricks, he was sneaking and lying and choosing to drink.

And she was weeping not because he was drinking but because of her hope in my victory. Just the day before she was researching online the recovery program I am part of. And she had no idea about me or what I would share just 24 hrs later.

She felt hopeless and then renewed.

She was sad, hurt and worried and left with a sense of urgency and direction to share with her father.

I say none of this to imply it was because of me. Indeed, it was not. I served only as proof of what is possible with the Holy Spirit. My God is a God of miracles and I am evidence of that. And Tuesday was just one more example of the Lord's impeccable timing. It shouldn't surprise like it does.

My God IS mighty to save.
And there IS hope~
Happy Thursday.


Robin said...
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Robin said...

What beautiful timing! I love to witness how God intertwines all of our lives for the bigger picture. Well done on boldly sharing your story. :)

Anonymous said...

God is good...all the time!

Sober 100 Days said...

Lovely share, thank you.

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed reading your blog.......where have you been?

Lynn new to sobriety