Monday, February 28, 2011

Awkward Situation #17...

I had surgery two weeks ago. My Sunday School class set up a care calendar so folks could generously sign up to bring us dinner. I have three young children, so this has been extremely helpful. A friend whom I have known for 18 years emailed me and wanted to help, wanted to bring a meal. She excitedly signed up on the calendar to bring pizza and salad on Sunday night.

She got here last night and I was alone, my family had gone to my husband's soccer game. As she unloaded her goodies I saw a suspicious looking 4 pack in her basket. This was a woman I had babysat for, grown up around, known for years and years. However, we have not been close in at least ten years.

She pulled out the bottles, explaining that her son in law worked for a beer company and was always giving her free samples of the newest stuff. This was hard apple cider, and she said it was really good. I am not sure what my face looked like when I politely declined and quickly put them in the fridge. I tried to get her to keep them, in a flippant, causal way. I did not share my sobriety with her.

It was interesting to me that she brought the cider. We have never drank together before.

After she left I sent a frantic text to of my peeps and got instant response.

"Do you need me to come get them from you?"
"Did you tell her?"
"Pour them out!"

I thought about what to do. Should I call her and tell her my story? Didn't really seem necessary. We aren't super close and rarely see each other. Should I give the cider to my sister or sister in law? This was my first response, but several folks encouraged me to just pour them out. That I didn't really want to be known for providing alcohol  to others.

Though I think it would have been fine to pass the drinks on, it was very powerful for me to open each bottle and pour it down the sink. I think my husband thought it was wasteful, but whatever. I felt obedient and powerful and strong.

there IS hope~


Anonymous said...

That is a stressful situation!! By the way, I hope you are feeling better!!!

It is very uncomfortable to be put in that position, but you handled it well!! You reached out and talked about it. Good for you for dumping it. She didn't know you don't drink, but you don't need to tell her. She isn't always in your life, she was just being helpful. 10 months ago I would have thought she was a hero, LOL!!

Good for you, take care of yourself, and it's never a waste if it's better for your sobriety!!

erin said...

SO SO SO SO SO SO PROUD of you!! love you, friend!

Sober Julie said...

Akward indeed but you handled it like a CHAMP!!

One Crafty Mother said...

Wow... what a stressful/awkward situation ... I think it's amazing how you handled it all.. and reaching out immediately to your peeps is totally the right thing to do.

And how empowering to pour it all out.



Annette said...

Good for you!!!! And hope you are back on your feet at 100% soon sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You should be so incredibly proud of yourself. We have a neighbor whom makes his own wines. As a favor a few months back he wanted to bring hubby and I a bottle... Hubby didnt know what to say so I finally stood up and said No thanks! We quit drinking a while back :) At first the guys eyes kinda looked shocked but I think he got the jist since he knows I was always walking around with a wine glass :)